Saturday, September 12, 2009

VA Awards Employees While Vets Suffer

The VA has been doling out monetary awards to employees over the past several years while Veterans can’t even get decent care in the delapitated hospitals. CNN reports that “A report issued by the VA’s Office of Inspector General said the department issued millions of dollars in awards over a two-year period in 2007 and 2008.”

The most sickening details a mid level manager in charge of writing checks was taking $60,000 in bonuses for herself while pushing through over $140,000 for tuition reimbursement for her own family according to the VA Inspector General office.

What really makes me angry as a veteran is that service members who need the assistance of the VA stand in lines, shuffle miles of paperwork and get that we are the government and control you attitude from these same people. How much red tape and denials do our Veterans go through just to get additional training when they need it for employement? Then they are working at jobs that maybe, just maybe if they are lucky pay $60,00o per year! 65% of the Veteran claims for benefits are in backlog.

We need change in this country and it is up to us. This government is dying on vine due to the leaches who work in it and fill the offices in congress. It is still barely in our hands. American citizens who love this country need to turn them out. Vote against anyone who is all ready in government and replace them with your neighbors or yourself before they initiate changes that prevent even our votes from counting.

Monday, September 7, 2009

People blog because...

There are certain people love blogging because it became their Online diaries. Well, that was my reason too before. I dont have any idea how to make my posts intresting, until one day, I surf the net for the most #1 blogsites. I look, read, analyze their works/posts then I got the idea. As of now, my blog wont still be intresting site. But I'll try my best in here. Comments and Suggestions on how to be a better blogger are really appreciated =)
So anyways, I have an entry, on my last blog, which about, "Why do we blog?" First of all, I dont know if some people/bloggers know whats the real meaning of blog.

I didn’t know the real reason why I am blogging again. I’ve been asking myself the question: Why do I blog?

1. I blog to share my opinions and ideas.
2. I blog to express my thoughts and feelings that I can’t in the real life.
3. Blog helped me a lot to improve my English grammar and writing skills.
4. I blog to meet new friends.
5. I blog to earn money online.
6. I blog simply because it is my HOBBY.

Welcome back to me :)
This is my new blog.